All is not perfect, of course. But he has very many positive aspects alongside negative aspects as interesting, if not more, because they can help us better understand our position. It will be understood, of course, I defend this book because it brings water to my mill.

Indeed, all these years, I have tried to suggest in internships and conferences, has means of magnetic tapes, the following idea: “You can start early mathematics education of the child.” But now, what happiness! I am not alone in error. And I’ll be rilax and contemplate the depths of my chair all these comrades will start. For, there it is, the demonstration is done, and done well. And it seems to me irrefutable.

The second source of my pleasure is that I see put into action, now on a fairly large scale, the idea that Freinet began to put into practice, there are forty years: it is necessary to the Copernican revolution, it is necessary from the child. Madeleine Goutard writes elsewhere in words: “Because, in all areas, it builds on the strength of the child’s mind, modern pedagogy relegates increasingly in the background, formal compound exercises per adult, free for the benefit of children’s creations. ” “If, in all matters of education, that is to say, regardless of the aspects of reality that is the human universe, educators knew not to base their teachings solely on technical learning and on pre-established programs, but the immensely rich inner world of possibilities for their students, whether french, geography, etc … they knew from the expression of the child’s thinking, what problems those beautiful -ci would not fail to compose galore, “Hey!

Well, that, the modern French school is already doing a lot and more. It should also you go through with this idea and found all teaching (written, oral, gestural, graphic, dance, mathematics, science, etc …) on child creation. I think I can affirm: it is possible. It is necessary that we finally opens his eyes and that one realizes that childhood is a very underdeveloped country.

Why ? This is clear because it has not deigned to provide an infrastructure enabling it to conduct its own development. No, it was kept in tutelage by not offering him as consumer surplus and no capital good.

But “if this explosion of scientific lyricism so to speak, this blossoming of a conquering and free thought are natural to the child and if it is on them appropriate to base the future of educational activities, it is rare to get them in the classes of the current primary school, very few teachers have students who speak! “Madeleine Goutard speaking Canada where teaching conditions are different. But in France, on the contrary, the free expression flourishes more in depth and scope.

The era of the otherwise required; it is still the time came to leave the neolithic plow education. It is mandatory if we want our work to be meaningful educator surrender to custody “pedagogical weightlessness.” Otherwise, it remains only we commit suicide alcohol, TV, detective novels, DIY, car , receptions, gossip.

But in France, too often: “Students are treated as laborers who are not assigned the menial tasks of counting and calculating. “That such numbers, add them together, give the answer.” Why? To what end? Goals and interests of the mathematical enterprise, these maneuvers are not acquainted. ” But to base teaching on children’s creation, it requires from the teacher a different training.

For it to be the catalyst for the child activity, the teacher must be attentive, available. “It is urgent that the educator learn to decentralize its adult world to open up to the world of childhood. He must learn to enjoy the charm of childhood creations in to feel the power of inspiration and values. Only then he will welcome them and value them. For the childish masterpieces appear only in favorable climates, made happy confidence, intelligent and sensitive complicity.

The children then access this inner freedom to express everything, freedom without which there is no creative mind. But they never wear that before interested and appreciates. If spontaneous problems children exhibit the characteristics we have their views is that these are psychologically true, therefore it is we who should take it into account objectively in our teaching. ” This requires meditation.

Personally, I have understood that for a very short time, Celtic need for “attention” of the master. This is the paint shop, which earned me this awareness. Earlier this year, I finally! managed to organize a real workshop: everything was in place, brushes, paints, powders, papers. And there was even drawers where each child could put his finished drawing.

Well! Contrary to my expectations, it was not so successful. But why? Just because children collected their designs themselves without my having had time to take a look. And, it is in order that the master’s eye.

The master must bring its part: it’s not the great wave of enthusiasm paralyzing nor systematic and critical demolisher or icy indifference, but the simple little interest, light waves, although modest, but real. Paying his eyes, his ears lend, lend his hands, that’s the secret. Do not say: “What good is the gym, they do all day. Why spoken, while they continue to chat.

And they do not need us to scribble on the walls, playing with sand or build small objects. ” If they need us because they need a witness. I also entered the generalization of the law that I discovered and now I just have to be interested in any field to see emerging once unimaginable creations, and they would surprise you, perhaps, the dialogues and Chinese poems of Patrice and Jacques, spoken poetry Michel, rhymes of Michel II and haikido Fanfan.

But since they are psychologically true, do I not objectively taken into account? Unfortunately, few people are able to understand what is psychologically true because very few people have looked at the children’s creations.

And they feel with their big adult shoes instead of shoes spikes. “These masterpieces if properly childish can arise only to the extent that the masters have agreed to give the creative life of the mind, the rule on the formal and rigid exercises, where they learned to reveal the child itself through its most authentic creations, not to work in a piecemeal way, debiting the programs into we will do your homework for you
separate materials and splitting the materials into parcels to know to instill, where they know the education center on life in the multiple times and the spirit. ” Here again is that I like a lot: Madeleine Goutard attacks the program. But what, roots, powers and even fractional powers before eight years !!!

Logically, if it was French official, it should be cut down and its score since official, it would not work following the program that program teachers who program children program their teddy bears … But if we accepts the Copernican conception of teaching, what program is it reasonable to recommend because this idea is new and must await the outcome of experiments to find out what is possible and desirable?

I think we should go through a period of great uncertainty, since it is only after many experiences that we can deduce what is the domain of a particular age. In gymnastics, for example, we already know that the mother is the era of swings, slides, wooden blocks, climbing gantries, tire … The CP-EC1 could be the age of the balls, juggling sticks, scraps of studies, research rhythms, rhythm chords, the conquest by the feet of the concept of group travel in the flat space of the court or in the classroom.,.

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